8 Recent WWE Relationships That Came To An End And 7 That Might Be Next

There are more couples in WWE right now than ever before, but it could be argued that the rise of the internet and social media have given fans more of an insight into the personal lives of wrestlers than ever before, so there could have been many couples in WWE during the Attitude Era that were able to keep their romance a secret.

There was a time when the relationships outside of the ring were kept under wraps and the WWE Universe was led to believe that all the couples on WWE TV were the ones that were real since the internet wasn’t there to argue otherwise. Times have definitely changed and with this new technology and invasion of privacy has come new pressures for wrestling couples in the spotlight who have to contend with the sheer amount of fan criticism when their romance becomes public knowledge.

There is a reason why so many wrestling relationships are short-lived, with three already coming to an end in 2018 and we are only halfway through the year. The prognosis for many wrestling couples isn’t a positive one, but that hasn’t stopped many pairs coming together and hoping that they can defy the doubters.

The following list looks at eight wrestling relationships that recently came to an end, as well as seven that could easily be next. Wrestling breakups happen all the time and the shock of Nikki Bella and John Cena announcing that their relationship was over proved that anyone could be next.


WWE isn’t the only wrestling promotion that has created couples over the years since Angelina Love and Davey Richards first met when they were working together at Impact Wrestling and revealed publicly that they were dating back in 2015.

Unlike many other couples who then dated for a number of years, the couple married just five months later and then welcomed their first child, a son called David Vincent Richards, the following year. Love and Richards were considered to be the perfect couple, but the cracks in their relationship started to form and back in November Wrestling Inc reported that the couple had officially decided to go their separate ways.

Richards left Impact Wrestling in the summer of 2017 and his wife followed him out the door just a month later, but it was Love who made the split official when she updated her Instagram profile to state that she was now a “single mama.”

Since her departure from Impact, Love has been appearing on the Independent Circuit all over the world while her ex-husband announced that he was taking all of 2018 off professional wrestling so that he could concentrate on his studies, despite already being a trained paramedic.


Lana and Rusev have had a lot of success together on WWE TV and it could easily be argued that Lana is the reason why Rusev became such a success when he was first promoted to the main roster back in 2014. Despite their obvious chemistry on-screen, the couple has been seen as one of the most mismatched pairings that the company has ever created and at one point Vince McMahon even stepped in to try and break the couple up when he forced Lana to work with Dolph Ziggler.

This plan obviously failed since Lana announced that she and Rusev were engaged partway through the storyline and received a lot of heat from it, before the couple then married twice in 2016, once in Bulgaria in front of Rusev’s family and in Malibu alongside Lana’s family. Even though the couple has already overcome some incredible odds to remain together for this long, they have been shown having a number of disagreements over children on Total Divas recently. Rusev comes from a proud family that loves children and he’s happy to start making a family right away, but Lana doesn’t feel the same way and is completely focused on her career right now, which will definitely become a problem for the couple in the future.

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