20 Things Johnny Depp Has Done Since His Divorce From Amber Heard

Teen child star, beloved heartbreaker, stunning sweetheart, Johnny Depp has been every girl’s (and a lot of men’s) reason for breathing and watching movies. Playing in classic roles like Edward Scissorhands, Chocolat, Pirates of The Caribbean (sequels), and even kids movies like Charlie And The Chocolate Factory, Johnny Depp has always been America’s “It” man.

However, after his very public and very messy divorce to actress Amber Heard, it came as no surprise to fans and non-fans alike, to see Depp crumble in a downward spiral. Now, the famed actor turned musician, has settled for a life of big screen movies and the life of rock & roll. While his life may be in a large turmoil, Johnny Depp has remained camouflaged to the public’s worry and continues to portray himself as the happy-go-lucky man that he is. And once a sweetheart, always a sweetheart, as Depp even finds time to visit children bedridden in the BC hospital, with terminal illnesses.

While Amber Heard has been on the DL ever since the public split, Johnny Depp has been very active, and very public, filming a number of movies and touring with his band Hollywood Vampires, we’ve kept tabs on what exactly Johnny Depp’s been doing.


Fans around the world were shocked, worried and even saddened at the sightings Johnny Depp has been making, in lure of his apparent midlife crisis. Johnny Depp stepped out looking ill and pale, sporting a gothic meets emo look, it seemed as though Depp has fallen from his handsome staple look and is seriously crying out for help. However, according to an insider with AOL, Johnny Depp is perfectly fine and is, in fact, losing weight on purpose. You see, Depp has been on tour with his band Hollywood Vampires and is currently in Russia, but we’ll have more on that later.

Although, Johnny Depp has been every ’80s and ’90s teenage girl’s Hollywood crush, with his strong jawline and cheek bones, his naturally toned (and tanned!) body, and romantic voice, it was easy to see why ladies had his movie posters in their bedrooms until they went to college.

Only the truest of fans will stand by him in his time of clear need.


Someone explain to me how someone who has earned $650 million and countless awards, can be in such a financial turmoil right now. According to Vanity Fair, Johnny Depp is said to have earned $20 million for a single movie. But it seems as though Depp has been paying out $10 million to “third parties [including Depp’s sister] close to or who worked for Mr. Depp, without Mr. Depp’s knowledge or authorization.” That’s insane.

However, that is not the only reason why Johnny Depp has also been going under. Recently, Depp has signed a truce with his now ex-wife, Amber Heard, where the ex-pair settled on a $7 million divorce settlement.

Those types of expenses will do that to anyone’s budget.

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