20 Things About 50 Cent Even True Fans Would Be Surprised To Know

When Curtis Jackson III emerged as the newest rap star, 50 Cent, in the music industry, it seemed like he was a rapper that appeared out of nowhere. Yet, he had actually been pursuing a career in the music industry for quite some time before he was discovered by Eminem and ultimately signed to the Shady Records Aftermath Entertainment and Interscope Records label. Yet, it was his debut studio album, Get Rich or Die Tryin’, that really seemed to put him on the map in the music industry. He had a string of hit singles that made his voice instantly recognizable to music lovers and his affiliation with Eminem and Dr. Dre instantly added to his fan base.

After gaining success through his debut studio album, he ultimately founded his own record label in 2003 and G-Unit Records gave rise to a number of other young rappers under his tutelage. While he had a great deal of success through his career in rap music, he wasn’t going to stop there. There have been other rappers that have dabbled in the world of business but there haven’t been many to reach the same amount of success as 50 Cent. From multimillion-dollar deals to record breaking projects that earned him millions, it’s interesting how successful 50 Cent has become over the years. Yet, not all of the headlines surrounding 50 Cent have been positive. Check out our list of the 24 things about 50 Cent even true fans would be surprised to know and you might find yourself amazed.


While there was a time when Gayle King was known best to the world simply as Oprah Winfrey’s best friend, it’s important to note that she has cultivated quite a prestigious career on her own. As a television personality and a journalist, she’s actually accumulated quite a bit of fame on her own as a respected woman in journalism. King became even more of a figure in the spotlight when she hosted a new show on the OWN network called The Gayle King Show. Although 50 Cent and Gayle King had met before, the public didn’t really see them together until he appeared on her OWN talk show. This was where sparks were flying and the public couldn’t help but see a real connection between them. There were some that even speculated that the two might ultimately start a romantic relationship with one another, but that didn’t wind up happening.

Instead, their flirtatious encounter and the way King spoke about him after their face-to-face interview solidified that he had definitely made an impression on her.

She spoke about him in a favorable light and it was obvious that his charms had really won her over. She even put on a temporary tattoo of 50 Cent and made a few comments, jokingly talking about her kids having a new stepdad.


When 50 Cent appeared on The Chelsea Handler Show in 2010, it seemed like the pair had some interesting chemistry. Yet, they didn’t exactly seem like the perfect couple. While they were both known for being quite outspoken, Handler just didn’t seem to fit the stereotypical type of the girlfriend of an up-and-coming rapper. Even when the pair started to get photographed together or flirt online, it was still difficult for the public to get onboard with their love story. It was difficult for the public to wrap their heads around it and it wasn’t really clear if this was an actual relationship or just another one of Handler’s comedy tricks. However, the world has started to learn a little bit more about their brief romance in 2011. When Handler appeared on Oprah’s Next Chapter in 2013, she stated,

“It wasn’t the most serious relationship. He came on my show [in 2010], and he sent me flowers. And I was like, ‘I’m not going to date somebody whose name is a number.”

Handler has always maintained that they never had a serious relationship and made it seem like it was just about having fun. When 50 Cent spoke out about their relationship on Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live, he divulged that he nicknamed Handler “gator” because of her wild tendencies.

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