15 Wrestling Couples With The Biggest Age Gaps

There is a popular quote that states that “age is just a number,” and over the past few decades, the superstars who make up the wrestling business have proved just how true that quote really is. Even though there have already been three major wrestling breakups in 2018, all of the couples on this list have been able to overcome the odds and still remain together. Some of the strangest couples have been able to come together and make their relationships and marriages work despite huge age gaps. A relationship in the spotlight can be hard for any couple to contend with, and recently the breakdown of Nikki Bella and John Cena’s relationship has shown the kind of pressure these stars are under, which is why it’s such a shock that some of these unions have lasted.

It’s hard to imagine how many of these couples first met and bonded considering that in some cases there are partners who are more than a generation older than their spouse. It appears that all of these couples have found a way to make it work and despite some small hiccups at the beginning of their relationships, all of the couples on the following list are still going strong.

The following list looks at just 15 current wrestling couples that have the biggest age gaps. Despite these age gaps some of these couples have been married for a number of years and have somehow been able to defy all of their doubters along the way.


Bray Wyatt was married to Samantha Rotunda when he first started his career in WWE, but it was revealed by The Sun in the spring of last year that Wyatt’s wife of five years was divorcing him because he was said to have been close to WWE ring announcer JoJo Offerman.

Offerman came into WWE as part of the 2013 WWE Diva Search and after winning the competition, she appeared in the first season of Total Divas.

The youngster then decided to drop out of being part of the series and look at a career as part of WWE’s announce team instead. She has since been promoted to the point where she announces the company’s flagship show and is in a relationship with former WWE Champion Bray Wyatt. Before her relationship with Wyatt was made public, JoJo was linked to Justin Gabriel, Randy Orton and Jake Carter, who is a former NXT Superstar and the son of wrestling legend Big Van Vader. The couple has definitely had to overcome a lot of issues in their short relationship, including the fact that Wyatt is actually seven years older that Offerman, who is just 24 years old. The former leader of the Wyatt Family just celebrated his 31st birthday.


One of the biggest legends of the wrestling business will always be known as “The Best There Is, The Best There Was and The Best There Ever Will Be.” Bret Hart changed the face of the wrestling business throughout the time he was in the ring, but it appears that his personal life wasn’t as successful. Bret married his first wife Julie back in 1960 and the couple had four children together, but they decided to file for divorce back in 2002 after more than forty years of marriage. The couple originally separated in 1998 and tried to work on their marriage for four years before they decided to divorce.

Bret moved on to marry Cinzia Rota back in 2004, but their marriage didn’t last long because the couple couldn’t decide on where they wanted to live, so they divorced in 2007. Bret married his current wife Stephanie Washington back in 2010 and over the past eight years, Stephanie has supported him through some of the toughest parts of his life.

This includes being diagnosed with prostate cancer, which he revealed on his Facebook page back in 2016. Washington is just 34 years old, while her husband turns 61 this summer, but that hasn’t affected the couple at all over the past decade.

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