15 Embarrassing Celeb Secrets Revealed By Their Assistants

Do you think that working for celebrities are the kind of opportunities that people would give it all to do? No, you are completely wrong. Being a personal assistant to the glamorous actors and actresses may sound extremely attractive, but behind the curtain, there are some unforgivable incidents which may leave you dumbstruck. The personal assistants are sometimes even involved in every daily chore of the celebs and sometimes for their family members as well. The front is eye-flashing, but if you look close into the lives of the celebs and the assistants, not everything is as happy as it may seem. The beautiful glow of the celebs lives is only in our eyes, but in reality, it is very different.

Personal assistants are meant to deliver any service, and that literally means any, to the celebrities, no matter how unreasonable the demand is. They have to go through a lot, and have to do whatever is asked of them, things that are even beyond your wildest dreams. All of that to get paid. It is pure luck. But in most cases, celebs are awful to their assistants, and they don’t even get to fight back. The assistants actually end up with pretty traumatic experiences.

Here are the stories of the assistants of 15 celebrities which make you think twice about wanting to work for a celeb.


There will be hardly anyone who doesn’t watch Keeping Up With the Kardashians and is not familiar with Stephanie Shepherd, Kim Kardashian’s former personal assistant. Kim’s bestie assistant was generally found in most of the paparazzi photos with Kim for quite some time. But her bestie also didn’t keep quiet about her boss when she parted ways. She revealed to People magazine that the pressure was extreme, but she couldn’t show it on the social media. She lived each moment full of anxiety and felt so insecure that all those thoughts filled her mind with negative feelings. She was very tired of putting on a show for the cameras, when all she wanted to do was run and hide.

The RadarOnline disclosed that Kim’s demands were so lengthy and unrealistic that it often made the assistants lose their minds a little bit. And if something got screwed up on the way, you had better believe that it was the assistants who had to clean it up.

It was to the point that it affected the most insignificant things imaginable. Kim, for example, is very particular about how her sweaters are folded for her. In one particular incident, where the job was not done to her liking, she took a shirt from the middle of the stack. By pulling it out angrily, she managed to mess up the entire stack that was already done, and so the assistant had to redo it.


Angelina has a battalion of kids, and some even fall in kindergarten age. Why does this matter? Well, for the assistants, they are in charge of the children in the same way that the nannies are.

Ana Charlotiaux is the former assistant of Angelina Jolie. She was the assistant while Angelina was still with Brad, and living her lavish life in France. Ana’s job was to answer the emails and phone calls for the pair. Ana claimed that Angelina was having some problems with substances, and when she would get in over her head, would lock herself in her bedroom with her children.

Angelina fired Ana allegedly for saying such a thing, saying that it was a lie, and as per Ana’s lawyer, she took four and a half month’s leave on the ground of illness. Later in this issue, Ana sued Ange and Brad for unfair dismissal claiming $88000. The couple was terrified because if the demands of the assistant were not fulfilled, it was very likely that she might think of revealing their secrets on the social media and that would create a lot of controversies.

There are also rumors that Angelina made sure that her assistants watched her films, no matter how terrible they are (and yes, some are downright awful).

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