15 Celebs Who Are Dating People Who Are Younger Than Their Kids

Celebrity relationships make the headlines all the time, but sometimes these stars can’t control who they fall in love with. Age is just a number in some respects and there have been many relationships that have proved that in recent years, but it must be hard for the children to adapt to a parental figure who is younger than they are, but somehow these couples have made it work.

There are some celebrity couples right now who are dating someone who is either the same age or even younger than their own offspring. When a marriage breaks down in the celebrity world, more often than not one of the partners will go into a rebound relationship with someone much younger, without considering the effects this could have on their own children, or even their reputation, since the media have had a field day with these reports.

Being in the spotlight seems to change the way some celebrities think and over time this behavior appears to have become acceptable. This could be why there are so many couples able to make it work for them now because there are other partnerships in the past that have proved that age differences are something that can easily be overcome.

The following list looks at just 15 relationships in which a celeb dated someone who is actually the same age or younger than their own children. Family meals in these celebrity households must have been quite awkward.


Harrison Ford is perhaps best remembered for his role as the title character in The Indiana Jones movies as well as Han Solo in the Star Wars saga. Ford himself is the complete opposite of his Solo character, which is made evident by the fact that he has had quite a hectic dating life over the years.

The 75-year-old has been married three times and has welcomed five children and four grandchildren. His most recent marriage to Calista Flockhart back in 2009 took place after the couple had already been together for eight years and when the actress was 43 years old.

Ford’s oldest son Ben was born in 1966, which means that he is just two years younger than his current wife Calista, who was born in 1964. Harrison and his wife of nine years have had a child of their own as well, which means that the legendary actor now has children who are part of two different generations. His oldest child is 51 years old, while his youngest is just 17. Calista adopted her only son Liam when he was born and Ford has since opted to take him on as his own son as well. The Daily Mail has noted that Harrison, Calista, and Liam have been spotted together a number of times in public, but Ford’s older children are rarely seen with their father.


Jerry Lawler is a well-known voice in WWE after being behind the commentary desk alongside Jim Ross for more than a decade as well as having a lengthy career in the ring that saw him become a King of the Ring winner. Lawler, like many stars who were part of the wrestling business in the 80s and 90s Lawler, has quite a storied romantic life.

Lawler first married a woman called Kay back in 1971 and as part of their union, the couple welcomed two children called Brian and Kevin. He then married his second wife Paula in 1982, before moving on to Stacy Carter in 2000, after he introduced her to the wrestling business. His third marriage was well-known to the WWE Universe, but after it ended in divorce back in 2001, Lawler has preferred to date rather than marry for a fourth time. His current relationship is with 28 year old Lauryn McBride who is almost three decades younger than her boyfriend.

Lawler’s oldest son Brian is 46 years old, which means that the former wrestler is actually more than a decade and a half older than the women who could become his stepmother in the future.

Lawler and McBride have had a volatile relationship over the past few years, with Bleacher Report confirming that the couple actually both being arrested in 2016 for a domestic dispute.

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